Have you gotten over the shock of the new sticker price for your boat trailer? I got my renewals for my three trailers and, what used to cost me $18 apiece now cost me $118 apiece; what has cost me $54 a year now has risen to $354 a year and most boat owners aren’t happy about it!

I can see prices going up because our roads in Illinois are deplorable! I can see a modest raise in sticker prices but this is a 65 percent raise approximately.

People don’t generally run their boats up and down the road seven days a week; what about the people that take their boats to the lake, leave the boat for the summer and then pick it up at the end of the boating season?

Just how many times a year do you pull your boat trailer? Is it going to be worth it to buy a sticker?

If our government spent the money we pay in taxes and licenses properly instead of wasting it, it wouldn’t be quite as hard-to-take, but that’s been a problem in Illinois for years and will continue to be a problem as it appears now.

This is nothing more than a tax; they may cover it up by saying it will help the roads but will it? Lots of promises for our tax dollars but just drive I-74 between Gilbert Street and Martin Luther King Drive and tell me our tax dollars are working here!

Mushrooms are due to pop up soon and, as far as I know, the state parks are off limits. Our county parks are open for things like fishing and hiking so I must assume mushroom hunting as well. All buildings and rest rooms are locked and no reservations for pavilions are being taken.

I’ve talked with a lot of mushrooms hunters over the past few years about the black morels that used to come up early in the season. Most of us agree that the black sponge mushrooms are all but gone from this area. Correct me if I’m wrong but I haven’t seen or heard tell of these for quite some time.

Most of these black sponge mushrooms were very small compared to the grays and yellows that come a little later. I remember finding patches of as many as 300 of these blacks and some were so small that I could barely see them let alone pick and eat them. Let me know if you are still finding these black mushrooms or, are they about gone?

The Illinois turkey season is upon us and we are heading into an unknown area with this pandemic. The youth season was scheduled for April 1-2 and I don’t know, with the IDNR being shut down if I will get results from that season or not.

The first of five turkey seasons begins on April 10th and the fifth season ends May 11th in the north zone in Illinois which is the zone our area falls in.

Mushroom hunters and turkey hunters will share the wooded areas at the same time so please be careful out there and keep yourself safe!

Sam Van Camp writes about the outdoors on Sundays. Call him at 662-6559. Fax: 446-6648. E-mail: pamnsam@nwcable.net

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