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Danville’s Greyson Pasco, shown here in an Oct. 2, 2008 file photo at the Vermilion Valley Conference golf tournament at Blue Needles, is leading the junior division of the Budweiser City and Area Golf Tournament with a two-round score of 151. Last year, Pasco barely made the cut and finished fourth in the junior division.

Growing up, Greyson Pasco had plans on being a baseball player.

But, a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder a few years ago ended those plans.

So, Pasco shifted gears and poured his time and devotion to golf.

“It was something that my dad (Ken) did and I just started playing the game with him when I was about 13,’’ Pasco said. “I went to Turtle Run and started taking lessons from A.J. Shannon. He has been my teacher ever since.’’

Pasco said he credits Shannon with getting him into the position of being able to compete for the junior title this weekend in the Budweiser City and Area Golf Tournament.

Heading into today’s third round at Harrison Park Golf Course, Pasco holds a two-stroke lead over last year’s junior champion David Keenan and he is tied for eighth overall.

“I’ve played really well in the first two rounds, but there are still two big rounds to be played,’’ said Schlarman senior-to-be. “I just want to put together two good rounds this weekend and see what happens.’’

A year ago, Pasco just barely qualified for the final rounds and he finished fourth in the junior competition and 21st overall.

“The biggest difference for me this year is my putting,’’ he said. “I’ve been able to make some big putts and that has helped me a great deal.

“I know that I’m going to need to make a few more to have a shot at winning this tournament.’’

Pasco’s main competition is three golfers from the Salt Fork Storm, Keenan, Mat Bowen and Jordan Danzl, while Covington’s Aaron White also made the cut for the final two rounds.

“I’ve played against those guys a lot, especially during the fall high school golf season,’’ Pasco said. “On the course, we compete pretty hard against each other, but off the course, we are all friends.’’

Greyson’s father, Ken, coached Danville Post 210 legion baseball for a number of years and that’s where his love of baseball was developed.

“I spent a lot of time around the Post 210 teams,’’ Pasco said. “Also, every Saturday, my dad would throw batting practice to me at the legion fields. But, my shoulder problems forced me to give up the game.

“I went out for the Schlarman team my sophomore year, but I couldn’t make the throws that a catcher needed to make. I decided then it was time to focus on golf.’’

It wasn’t the easiest of decisions, but Pasco admits that is was for the best.

“I’m just very happy with how my golf game has improved,’’ he said. “Having a shot at winning this junior title is a great honor.

“The biggest thing I have to remember is not to overdo it.’’

Pasco, who will tee off at 10:40 this morning, said that is a lesson he has learned from tournament’s co-leaders Andrew Jones and Michael Davan.

The former Bismarck-Henning teammates are at 3-under 141, while Brett Springer, the defending champion, is one stroke behind them a 2-under 142. That group will tee off at 11 a.m.

Budweiser City and Area Golf Tournament

Saturday’s third-round tee times

At Harrison Park Golf Course

j — junior; s — senior

10 a.m. — Mike Hansgen (s) 161, Aaron

White (j) 159, Darrell Applegate 158.

10:10 — Jordan Danzl (j) 158, Steve Enos 158, Mat Bowen (j) 156

10:20 — Norm Burton (s) 154, G.A. Keeling (s) 154, Eric Millis 154

10:30 — David Keenan (j) 153, Jessie Satter 153, Phil Adams (s) 152

10:40 — Greyson Pasco (j) 151, Paul Dalbey 151, Mark Lindvahl (s) 150

10:50 — Denny Wendell 149, Tyler Fox 148, Curt Ellis 146

11 — Brett Springer 142, Michael Davan 141, Andrew Jones 141.

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