Are you enjoying your stay inside? Lucky for many of us, we still have the great outdoors and I intend to use it!

If you are one of those homebody people, you will sure get the chance to stay inside but that is sure to get old over time. Being “sheltered in place” will have many people stuck inside their homes for at least two weeks.

If home is where you intend to spend the next two weeks, enjoy your stay but, I intend to spend my time outdoors enjoying the many opportunities the outdoors gives me. Although our parks have shut down their buildings there is still the opportunity to drive the roads and explore the wooded areas that these parks offer us.

A good brisk walk outside, whether it is through a wooded area or just down a sidewalk sure will beat sitting inside during the next two weeks.

I intend to fish more, hunt some mushrooms, and work in the yards. Avoiding contact with too many people is critical to breaking the cycle of this virus but you won’t find these viruses hiding behind a tree or jumping on your fishing lure.

Investigate what opportunities you have at this point in your life and take advantage of them. Obey the rules and don’t put others at risk but do take advantage of what you have available at this time.

A reminder to all anglers; new licenses are do as of April first. This also includes hunting licenses as well as combination licenses. Don’t procrastinate, get yours before you forget.

I get asked every year about mushrooms and whether or not this will be a good year. Right now I would say there is plenty of moisture in the ground to produce a good crop but that could change with a few warm, windy days that suck the moisture right out of the ground.

We are coming off a banner year of mushroom production and matching last year will be tough. Right now, we have not had the warm days to even think about mushrooms coming up but, give it a week or two, and things will change for the better.

Mushroom hunting, along with the spring turkey seasons and fishing are things you can do without spreading the virus or coming in contact with others.

Stay inside and watch reruns or get outside and enjoy your day without being of risk to anyone. Stay Safe!

Sam Van Camp writes about the outdoors on Sundays. Call him at 662-6559. Fax: 446-6648. E-mail:

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