May we be one of the first to welcome you to 2015. I am sure many of us have set some goals. My brother has set a goal to roll a 713 series, while one of mine is a bit more simple; to roll my very first 600 series. I am sure one day it will come. We do hope you are able to reach your goals in bowling. 

Need help in your bowling style? Go down to any of the bowling centers and watch some of the high rollers and see how they do it. I am sure many of them will be glad to give you some tips

In the Thursday afternoon Senior League, Allen Taylor bowled a 224 game which was 71 pins over his game average. Donna Berlin shot a 199 game which, 71 pins over her game average, while Billy McDaniel rolled a 216 game, 72 pins over his game average.

Split pick ups included Alva Gouty 4-5; Ed Reed 6-7-10; Betty Lierman 4-5-7; Marla Troyer 4-7-9; Ron Candido and John Ramsey with the 5-7; Teddy Carter 5-10; and Margo Johnson with both the 3-10, and 7-8.

In the Monday Morning Ladies League in Westville, Marilyn Tuggle picked up the 5-7 split. While Alverta Maskel, rolled a 209, 79 pins over average.

The Tuesday Nite Go Getters has Somer Weaver, the best bowler of the night rolling 64 pins over her average for a 165. Stan Harvey was 63 over for a 243. Eddie King was 57 over for a 192, while Charlie Tiffin was 51 over for a 196. Other action had Gary Holycross over his average by 45 for a 224. Also over average by 45, was Harlie Huckleby for a score of 171. Keith Carter was 42 over for a 181.

Several split conversions were made, including Dawn Stewart. It was her first night of bowling with the Go Getters and she knocked out the 4-5-7. Other combinations were destroyed, like Tiffin 3-9-10; Maggie Birge 5-7; Dot McDaniel 2-8-7; Jim Thomas 3-10 and 3-6-7-10; Deb Miller 5-6-10; Di Summer 4-9; Tuck Miller 6-7-10, and the 5-10. Weaver also converted the 5-10. Greg Miller knocked out the 5-7, while Martha Elliott made the 2-7-8 split vanish.

Just a note to some of the new bowlers about bowling etiquette. Before you actually step on the approach, please make sure the adjoining approaches are clear of other bowlers, as not to distract them.

Please be ready to bowl when it is your turn. A suggestion would be is to know who you follow, and when you see them bowling, be standing near the pair of lanes. That way, when they are finished, you can have your turn.

If you are a league secretary, we would love to have your league reports. Drop me an e-mail message and I will contact you with what I would like to have to make your reports complete. Help me to recognize your league bowlers for their achievements.

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Until next time, let’s have fun, and knock ‘em down.

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