GEORGETOWN — For the second time in six seasons, Josh Cavanaugh will be resigning as football coach at Georgetown-Ridge Farm.

Cavanaugh, who is also the assistant principal/athletics director at Mary Miller Junior High, has been under fire in the last day on social media for the supposed use of racial epithets and according to Georgetown-Ridge Farm Community Unit No. 4 Agenda, his resignation as head football coach will be voted on during a virtual meeting at 5 p.m. Saturday night.

According to a Facebook post by Dylan Bina, a former player and 2019 assistant football coach for the Buffaloes, “It saddens me to say that our school system is based on who you know and not your character. The Vice Principal of the Junior High and Football coach of Georgetown High school has used racial slurs time and time again...’’

Bina went on to state that a coach apparently brought this issue up to school administration and was shunned out, “and the whole thing was swept under the rug. I don’t even know if they did an investigation on it, because they never called me (the only minority coach on staff) in once to talk about it. I’m not sure how he gets away with this, but it’s not right. I have no pull so my opinion does not matter. But why do we keep letting things as ugly as this keep happening in this day and age?’’

When reached through social media, Bina response to the Commercial-News was “I’ve said my piece,’’ he wrote. “My mission was to show what kind of man he is, and have done so.’’

Other former students and athletes had more to say on the subject.

“Over the years, I’ve talked with coaches on his staff and former coaches in the district, all of them have been verbally harassed and belittled,’’ said Trent Reed. “I didn’t play for him, but my younger brother, Tyson Reed, was on one of the first teams that Cavanaugh coached. He was a star running back as a pee-wee player and on the super bowl winning team. He started getting notoriety and Cavanaugh didn’t like that. He saw little playing time after that and his plans of playing college football along with his self-esteem was completely drained by Cavanaugh.

“We didn’t know that others were experiencing the same issues with Cavanaugh until I saw the post by Dylan Bina.’’

Reed has started a online petition through the web site to have Cavanaugh not only removed as football coach but also as assistant principal.

“We have collected over 300 signatures in just four hours,’’ Reed said. “I also plan on making my voice heard during the school board meeting on Saturday night.’’

The Commercial-News was unsuccessful in our attempts to contact Cavanaugh for a comment on Thursday night.

And according to a story on the WCIA-3 News at 10 p.m., Georgetown-Ridge Farm Superintendent Jean Neal told them that they cannot comment about this matter. However, she said they are committed to an education environment that serves all of their youth, regardless of race.

Late Thursday night, the Commercial-News received an e-mail in support of Cavanaugh stating the accusations were false. It also shared links to other social media posts in his support.

Cavanaugh has a 33-34 record in his seven seasons at Georgetown-Ridge Farm.

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