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When glancing at 55-year-old William Young, his tan jumpsuit makes it clear that he is an inmate at the Correctional Industrial Facility. Upon closer inspection, however, one might notice his neatly polished shoes or a collection of cards hanging around his neck.

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Forgiveness wasn’t a new concept when it freed Eva Kor from a burden of pain. Yet, when this survivor of sadistic atrocities forgave her Nazi tormentors, Kor’s gesture began reverberating around the world. 

On Wednesday, half a world away from Terre Haute in Eastern Europe, Eva Mozes Kor did what she's been doing for more than 20 years — talking passionately about hatred, persistence, tolerance, personal growth and forgiveness.

DANVILLE — Danville police are investigating three apparently unrelated shooting incidents that occurred within 24 hours in the city and left …