I recently bragged on the people who delivered medical care to the patients at the veterans hospital in Shreveport, La. They are the best.

There is one large problem: Our government has let the facilities in which they operate to fall apart. Most are reaching 100 years old. Some were torn down with no replacements built. Equipment is crowded into every nook and corner. Even the beds haven’t been replaced in years.

The government hasn’t even provided enough money to hire the amount of doctors needed. They are relying on practitioners to fill in.

If you think the emergency rooms are overcrowded in civilian hospitals, just take a day of your time and spend it in the waiting section at the VA. It seems like hundreds of people in a 24-hour period. Until you do this, you will never understand the problems and the need of our veterans.

If you watch TV news, you should already be aware of the operation of the VA hospitals because they are understaffed.

If any one in our country deserves the best medical care in the world it’s the men and women who fought and gave their lives to protect you.

What makes you think Obama and the politicians in Washington have the knowledge to develop a medical system to provide health care for every one in the U.S.? Our politicians aren’t providing the facilities and care for the veterans that should come first before anyone else.

Joseph L. Jones

Farmerville, La.

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