This is in response to a June 26 article. The Danville Police Department organized an alcohol raid on its city parks resulting in 10 citations being issued.

This raid took place on Father’s Day when many people were out at local parks, my family included. While I understand the need to curtail alcohol consumption in parks, the parks chosen for the raid portray obvious racial bias on the part of the police department.

Lincoln, Elmwood and Garfield parks all are frequented primarily by Danville’s African-American population. Does it not seem suspicious that these were the only parks singled out for the raid?

Why did the officers not select Ellsworth, Liberty and/or Winter parks for their raids?

This seems like blatant racial profiling to me, as well as to everyone with whom I’ve discussed the situation. It seems as though the reason the police department can always find fault with its minority community is because that is the only place they look. Were Danville’s finest to focus their resources on locating legal transgressions outside of "the ghetto," I’m sure they would find that African-Americans are not the only people who bring beer to the park for picnics and special occasions. They would most likely find that people of all races have been guilty of sneaking in an unlawful beer or two.

But they would have to actively try to catch these people. And they won’t. They already have their scapegoats.

Mary Catherine Roberson

Greencastle, Ind.

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