Trump is not the disease. He is the nagging symptom of an underlying condition that has long gone ignored.

After 40 years of rampant capitalism and market deregulation our democracy is finally rife with cavities. Even the Biden camp only promises to defeat Trump. That is a low disappointing bar.

Let’s not start on Trump. How could someone who is so undemocratic be the bastion of democracy? How could someone so unconditional be the defender if it? Biden wants to get back to normal. That is so unriveting I fell asleep typing it. Normal means more income inequality, expensive health care, continued gender pay gap, exorbitantly expensive college tuition and low wages. The status quo promised by the Biden camp is just a slower death than the apocalypse promised by Trump 2024.

Did you see the Democratic National Convention? Are we just children that you pander to? Democrats praise adversity yet worship celebrities. Are we so dull that we will only pay attention to Julia Louis-Dreyfus? Should Bill Clinton really be the person who professes the tenants of democracy while he admonishes Trump; both of whom were disgraced and impeached?

I don’t appreciate being pandered to and the American people don’t either. The Dems show us time and time again they have no clue how average Americans live and even less of an idea of how to relate to us. The Dems blame Trump and Trump blames the liberals. I blame both of you. American decay occurred on both of your watches.

— Xavier Childs, Georgetown

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