Here are some of the good things readers noticed around the area recently:

Jo Ann Kagels of Catlin sends hearts to some good Samaritans.

“I had an experience recently at Danville’s Walmart store that was rather unbeleiveable the way things are today in our world.

“I had left my purse in a cart. The cart didn’t roll too well and I took it back to get a different one. Later when I was shopping, I noticed my purse was missing. Thinking I had left it in the cart when I exchanged it, I went back to where it was and there was no purse in it.

“The feeling I had was, ‘What am I going to do — no phone to call one of my children and no keys to get in my car. Not to mention my license, credit cards and medical cards.

“Being a 79-year-old senior, I just felt lost. The only thing I thought to do was go to customer service to see if anyone had turned it in. I felt like it was one in a million chances.

“As I walked up to customer service, there stood a lady in line holding my purse to turn it in. I was so relieved. After thanking her and giving her a big hug, I failed to get her name. Maybe she will see this and know how grateful I am that she was an honest person . We need more people like her in this world. Thank you.”

Barb Smith of Georgetown sends hearts “to the Georgetown Fair Board. The fireworks display during the fair was outstanding.

“I am so proud of our fair. They add new things each year.

“These people are all volunteers and spend hours putting this fair week in place.”

Anna Richey of Danville sends hearts to some good Samaritans.

“On July 21, I had an accident with my power chair. I was going down Vermilion Street and getting ready to cross Main when I mistook the curb for a wheelchair ramp. I was thrown out of my chair, landing on my left hip. The wheelchair kept running and stopped on my right ankle.

“Less than a minute later, twp pickup trucks pulled up. People backed the chair off of my ankle and helped me into the chair.

“I neglected to get these wonderful folks’ names, but I will always be grateful for their help. Thanks again.”

Robert and Mona Bowman of Danville send hearts “to the Danville police and fire departments for going above and beyond their call of duty at the building that caught fire recently at 114 Martin St.

“They managed to drag our 22-foot boat out of the fire with only smoke damage. One firefighter was hurt doing this.

“They also did a good job containing the fire to one building.”

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