Here are a few of the good things readers noticed around the area recently:

Jestin and LaVonne Trahan of Danville sends hearts to the staff at Liberty Village in Danville.

“About a year ago at this time, we decided our large home and lot were too much for us to keep up. So we moved into a small apartment at Liberty Village Retirement Community.

“This was quite an adjustment for us, but thanks to the wonderful staff at Liberty Village we have had a wonderful year and look forward to more years there. The people on the staff really go beyond what you might expect of them, which greatly helped us in getting adjusted in our new environment.

“We would like to offer hearts to the staff of Liberty Village and thank them for providing the services they do: Scott B., Sue B., Taneika B., Cathy B., Sue C., June C., Alexis C., Marjie E., Tom G., Ana J., Anthony K., Cynthia M., Liz M., Allen N., Kevin P., Karen R., Sandi R., Mary S.P., JoAnn S., Sheila S., Luke S., Cassie W. and Marlene W. We also would like to send hearts to all our neighbors in the village for being so friendly and welcoming.”

Chris Fitzsimmons, past president of Danville Sunrise Rotary, sends hearts “to Rotary International, Danville Sunrise Rotary, CRIS Healthy-Aging Center and Menards of Danville for funding, purchasing and distributing fans and air conditioners this summer.

“Thank you to Rotary International and the members of Danville Sunrise Rotary for providing the funds to purchase fans and air conditioners. “We appreciate the efforts of the staff of the CRIS Healthy-Aging Center to purchase, transport and distribute the fans and air conditioners to those most in need.

“Thank you to the staff at Menards to provide the fans and air conditioners at the beginning of the cooling season.”

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