Here are some of the good, and not so good, things readers noticed around the area recently:

Kenneth Hirsig of Danville sends “hearts to Bethel Lutheran Church’s WELCA — Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America — group for hosting Bethel’s annual choir/Sunday school teacher/vacation Bible school volunteers dinner.

“The food was great as was the fellowship.

“I wish to especially thank the WELCA servers: Joanne Ames, Cathy Bolser, Julie Legg and Diane Strong. Many thanks and hearts to all!”

Rose Hoeflinger of Danville sends darts “to the Danville Public Works Department on the collection of yard waste.

“Last year the collection of yard waste went well, as we were having a drought. This year it is very different, as we’ve had lots of rain and wind and everything is growing.

“The grass grows so high in a week’s time that the cut of grass has to be caught in a grass catcher and put in the toter or it will dry on top of the just-mowed lawn and won’t look good. The week’s lawn clippings fill the yard waste toter to overflowing plus the pulled weeds and the twigs picked up.

“The yard waste truck comes every other week, so what do you do when the grass is cut the next week?

“Some will say, buy another toter and a sticker, but you know how expensive that is.

“Plus where do you store another toter for yard waste when you barely have room for the one to store over the winter?

“Please help us by having more yard waste collections so our property will be neater.”

Harold and Jean Morgan of Hoopeston send hearts “to all who helped make our 60th anniversary so memorable, especially Jason, Melia and Sandy McCord for hosting the dinner, and Dale and Eric McCord for assisting in the preparations.

“It was an evening we will cherish for a very long time.”

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