My family suffered a terrible loss in July 2008. Our daughter, Kimberly Hagan, son-in-law Chad Hagan and their unborn baby were killed by a vehi-cle that hit their motorcy-cle.

I no longer have the privilege to buy my daugh-ter gifts she so loved to receive from her father and me. Now all we can do is buy something special from us to put on her grave.

Months ago, I purchased a crystal diamond with “Daughter” engraved in the center and put it on her stone. Someone has taken it for themselves or to give to someone they must love. I want the person who took this to remember they will someday lose a loved one, if they haven’t already. This person would not want something he or she has purchased out of love or remembrance to be stolen.

Also, I have noticed peo-ple are starting to throw trash in the ravine at Oak Hill Cemetery. How could they dishonor the deceased and their families by doing this? I will watch for who-ever is trashing this beauti-ful cemetery, and I will get their license plate number and report him or her. I live nearby and I am at my daughter’s gravesite every day.

Am I bitter for this acci-dent taking my family? Yes. Am I bitter about the disre-spect shown our loved ones we have had to bury? Yes.

Terri Stewart


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