A waste of tax dollars


I would like to comment on a few things I observed in your paper the past few days.

First, Mark New’s letter to the editor on Feb. 20 hit the nail on the head: The city buying property it may never use (for a river boat casino) and paying huge money for the “flower lady” and plants. Check into perennials, please.

The city lost money on the house it remodeled on Main Street. John Dreher is “not ashamed” of wasting taxpayer money. (Yes, grants are funded by our tax money.) Why is our city council blatantly wasting dollars needed for other things such as firefighters?

The Danville Housing Authority thinks tearing down part of Fair Oaks will stop the crime they brought here. Thanks, Mr. Hilleary!

This town needs new leaders who are more interested in the citizens and less interested in lining their own pockets and hiring family.

Our highly paid city engineers send everything “out for study.” So why are we paying them?

To quote Eugene Thompson, “The struggle continues,” and believe me, the citizens are struggling.

Wanda B. Safon-Jackson


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