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What is Washington coming to? Our demented leader, trying to link good guys to be emulated to bad guys to be avoided named two prominent past southern officials, Governor George Wallace and Eugene (Bull) Connor, longtime Public Safety Director of Birmingham Alabama, as some of the losers, an…

As businesses and organizations continue to struggle with staffing shortages, the Stuttering Foundation unveiled some good news for employers — according to speech experts, people who stutter tend to show significantly better than average care and perseverance in completing their workplace r…

I read the articles on the Jan. 6 event in Washington, and it was like reading a publicity spread for the left’s agenda. We watched the event on conservative news channels and while we were very disgusted at what happened, we could see people on the walls motioning for the people to come int…

If you’re in debt, you may need to live on Ramen Noodles until you can afford caviar. Or as syndicated radio talk show host Dave Ramsey explains, “If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else. Maybe we should adopt Ramsey’s philosophy to beat Covid-19.

The best New Year’s resolution you can make for your family and yourself is to get back on track with your healthcare. Obviously, with the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, it is critical that everyone get vaccinated and that eligible people get the booster as soon as possible.

If you have been following the C-N’s front page stories on Covid-19 then you can’t help but notice, “ANOTHER DEATH(S)” headline which is typical for newspapers, TV broadcasts and cable news networks; remember they operate under the business motto, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

This year marks our 13th annual Blanket Drive sponsored by the Robin Hood of Danville. We will be collecting new or gently used blankets in the parking lot of Aspen Dental located at the Village Mall the day after Thanksgiving.

As a longtime citizen of Vermilion County, I continue to be amazed at the lack of compassion for others as demonstrated by 62% of our population refusing to be vaccinated against the deadly Covid virus.

I've been quite vocal about our Danville 118 school district board and our superintendent. I have not minced any words when it comes to how our school district is currently rated nor have I misspoken about how the school system has been demoted under the leadership of our current superintendent.

To prevent further spread of the coronavirus, we should require everyone to get fully vaccinated (including a possible third dose) — unless exempted by a sincerely held religious belief or medical condition.

I am a Democrat who is a Catholic woman who has moderate disabilities due to cerebral palsy. While I think that Gov. Pritzker has done a very good job of trying his best to fight the Covid and Delta variant viruses, I do not understand how he can support the women who believe they have the right to kill their unborn children.

National Teen Driver Safety Week was earlier this month. The Illinois Insurance Association joins the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Governors Highway Safety Association, state and local traffic officials in bringing awareness to this important campaign.

There are many unique challenges and needs when caring for a loved one with dementia. As a progressive disease, the caregiving journey often feels like you’re putting out fires and reacting rather than being able to plan for the best way to care for a loved one.

In regard to the $600,000 payment the Danville School Board made to Alicia Geddis and Letha Reeves, this is blackmail and I agree with Lon Henderson’s statement that Geddis attempted to gain leverage over her contract negotiations and discredit him. This has never happened in the Danville sc…

The Danville Lions Club would like to thank the people of Danville and Tilton for their support of our recent Candy Day fundraiser. We would especially like to thank County Market North and County Market Tilton for allowing us to raise money outside their stores.

I'm a taxpayer in Danville school District 118 and I feel that there is a lot more to the story in the Commercial-News on Saturday, Sept. 25., in reference to the legal settlement concerning school board members and the superintendent. This story reeks of a lot of information needed by taxpayers.

After a year of anxiety-filled climate news, from a crippling drought out west to a stark IPCC report, it's difficult to convey my excitement when I learned that the Senate reconciliation bill might put a price on carbon — what most economists agree is the most efficient way to decrease U.S. carbon emissions while promoting innovation and job growth in clean energy.

Mahalia Jackson, one of the most notable gospel artists of our time, pens the song “If I Can Help Somebody.” The last two lines in the chorus of this song are poignant and read as follows: “If I can help somebody, as I pass along, then my living shall not be in vain.”

Two members of the school board resigned last week. Bill Dobbles and Lon Henderson have served the Danville education system in several ways beyond their tenure on the school board. Their service is distinguished and both voices shall be missed.

President Biden asked OPEC and Russia to increase oil production to help us out. Both countries refused and said "no." The XL Pipeline was stopped by him, so now our gas prices here will escalate.

Danville is taking the pride out of itself. They don’t want hard-working individuals that take pride in their accomplishments. They take the American dream away from individuals who want to make a better life for their kids. They tell people you “are not allowed to provide for your family.”

A 1976 cartoon showed presidential candidates Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford in a boxing ring punching themselves in the jaw, their respective gloves labeled for some vocal gaffe each made on the stump.

I’m not sure if hypersonic missiles or Iran’s drones have a chance of first strike capability. If so, or if some countries will think so, and/or don’t fear a second strike, then we need to take preventative steps.

A special thanks to our sponsors, patrons, volunteers and vendors who made Balloons Over Vermilion just the right medicine for Vermilion County and the surrounding area this past weekend. After a year of isolation and frustration for many, Friday night saw thousands of patrons, outside, toge…

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