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Due to the nearly year-long COVID-19 pandemic, many Vermilion County businesses have lost a great deal of money or closed, employees lost their jobs and everyone has suffered some type of hardship.

When my dad had Alzheimer’s disease near the end of his life, I would update him on current events. Upon hearing about the Columbia space shuttle disaster, he, like most of us, reacted with silence as he processed what I had just described.

At a time when Illinois lawmakers should be supporting healthcare heroes who are working tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic, we instead receive unwelcome new legislation that will drive up the costs of practicing medicine in Illinois and send more physicians packing to move to a more welcoming state.

I am writing in regard to the local blowback regarding the passage of HB3653. Several local elected officials have resorted to fear-mongering, referring to this bill as a “defund the police” initiative or one that “weakens law enforcement.”

Never forget. This is the phrase shouted to the world about the Holocaust for us to never let perversities of Adolf Hitler or his like ever occur again. A related question to you, the reader, is “what will you remember in two years?”

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Just two days after hundreds of rioters broke through police barricades and vandalized the halls of Congress, Illinois lawmakers will return to the state’s seat of government for a lame duck session.

Concerning the demolition of Ramey Court in Georgetown, according to the VHA, “The land will be left vacant and undeveloped after the demolition due to a lack of local amenities that are now desirable with modern-day renters. Amenities lacking include access to consistent public transportati…

President Trump’s reluctance to concede defeat after the Nov. 3 election reminded me of a picture my dad showed me of Sewell Avery, chairman of Montgomery Ward. Avery, a renowned businessman in the early 1900s, ran afoul of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal program initiatives by refus…

Deer-vehicle crashes happen more frequently this time of year. The Illinois Insurance Association and its member companies encourage motorists to be alert, focused and ready to react to deer on roadways in the coming weeks.

My parents gave it to me straight. I needed another year in the 5th grade. Technically, my grades, thanks to something called “social promotion” would have allowed to me squeak into 6th grade, but it wouldn’t be pretty. I needed another year to mature.

Contrary to what the roosters in the political offices say, it will not be them that save us. They are good at crowing that "we're trying to get this done," but it's the president or the Democrats or the Republicans, whoever, etc.

I had a dog when I was a child. I knew he went outside to do his "business," so I knew to watch my step. He was trained to stay in his own yard.

In the Nov. 3 election, Illinois voters have a critical decision to make at the top of the ballot — whether to approve a question on a proposed amendment to the state constitution replacing Illinois’ current flat income tax rate with a graduated tax structure that the federal government and most states already have.

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. By communicating with kids about how cannabis affects the developing brain, parents and educators can help keep kids substance-free.

The country is currently experiencing a health care crisis in proportions that it has not felt since the 1918 flu. The crisis is especially dangerous for elderly people living in group care.

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