As a longtime citizen of Vermilion County, I continue to be amazed at the lack of compassion for others as demonstrated by 62% of our population refusing to be vaccinated against the deadly Covid virus.

This compassion is also lacking in fellow citizens who refuse to wear masks indoors. Do they just not care about others who they may be exposing? Are they just stubborn? Are they not educated on the dangers of the disease and the value of the vaccine? Is it a political position? How many cases (approaching 15,000) and/or deaths (over 200) does it take for them to realize we have a huge problem in our county?

I have a 2-year-old grandson who is too young to receive the vaccine. I fear every time he leaves his home, he could be exposed by someone who is infected. My mother will be 99 next month and I fear the same for her. Yes, our family has received all immunizations including boosters and we always wear masks, but there are 62% of our county who don’t.

Please employ basic kindness and compassion to get this horrible virus under control. Get the vaccine and wear a mask. Lives are depending on you.

Kathy Darding, Danville

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