Two members of the school board resigned last week. Bill Dobbles and Lon Henderson have served the Danville education system in several ways beyond their tenure on the school board. Their service is distinguished and both voices shall be missed.

The superintendent will now appoint two more “yes” votes to the board essentially becoming a dictator over the education system. She is already grossly overpaid and ineffectual as a leader. Our school system is rated as failing by the state. I’m sure it wasn’t highly rated prior to her hire but it’s gotten worse under her govern. The only thing we’re rated a four on is our financial state. In fact, the argument could be made that financially, we’re much better off being a failing school district because huge amounts of money are pumped in to the system from other sources, state and federal, thereby reducing the tax burden on a shrinking tax base.

I don’t want a failing school district. This is America and you can make as much money as you want but most of us have people who rate us thereby determining how much we earn based on our job performance. We, the voters, are the bosses of the school board and the superintendent. I don’t want a dictatorship in our school system and that is what we have. We lost the last two voices of reason who could have curtailed and monitored her actions. Voters, we have to gain control back.

Harsha Gurujal, Danville

More bad decisions ahead from Biden

President Biden asked OPEC and Russia to increase oil production to help us out. Both countries refused and said “no.” The XL Pipeline was stopped by him, so now our gas prices here will escalate.

Debt and bankruptcy continue with the Biden agenda with insane spending; our children and grandchildren will unfortunately inherit this massive debt.

Biden’s VP pick, Kamala Harris, alias the Border Czar, said progress was made at the border. Another government official said the border was closed. However, thousands continue to cross every week. That’s progress? In his one bill, there is a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegals here and billions of your money for their legal status.

As far as the Afghanistan debacle, he knew it was coming and didn’t prepare for it. He’s now planning to bring to the U.S. 30,000 Afghans.

Another note: Former President Obama released the Taliban leaders from Gitmo that lead the march into Afghanistan. Did you also know that the Taliban is on Twitter, but former President Trump has been banned?

Another item in President Biden’s spending spree bill is a mileage tax on the miles you put on your vehicle. In his energy bill, 95% of the materials needed we don’t have, but China does.

This is the start of the new America, per Sen. Chuck Schumer. I hate to see what’s next. More bad decisions.

Charles J. Matul, Covington

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