Over the past several years, we have had an ongoing problem with our mail.

Too often our mail is left at another address. At one time, I received mail for six different people, including one letter from a different ZIP code. I took it upon myself to take the time to deliver each to the proper mailbox.

The one from the different zip code was returned to my mailbox and picked by our mail carrier.

Recently during a phone conversation with my sister, she asked if I had received the Christmas card she had sent. No was the answer. She had mailed around Dec. 15.

There have been times I expected to receive a bill I knew as due but never showed up. Only because I knew it was due was I able to avoid late fees.

To me it seems like a simple process, read the address, place it where it’s supposed to go. If it belongs to someone else, place it back in the mailbox.

What kind of person is so self-absorbed they care so little about someone else? To do the right thing isn't that hard.

The Pony Express took 10 days to deliver mail coast to coast. True, they never delivered as much, but what they did move was without hesitation and delivered to the correct address.

Before they ask for another increase they need to provide better service.

Max Morgan

Covington, Ind.

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