No masks shows no common sense

Whatever happened to common sense? On Oct. 7, my wife sand I went to the Fountain County Courthouse to vote early. The first thing I noticed were the unadorned faces of the poll workers. Not one mask, yet all voters in line were wearing masks.

When I questioned an elected official who was working as a poll officer as to why no masks, she belligerently replied that masks were not a requirement. When working closely (no social distancing) with the public under the circumstance of COVID-19, one would think that it would be a common courtesy to show that an elected official cares about their constituents. Common sense should dictate the wearing of masks. I guess, especially in these times, from the top down to local officials, common sense is not a prerequisite for elected officials.

It is said that it is a free country. “No one can tell me to wear a mask.” “But officer, it’s a free country. I don’t have to wear a seat belt.”

Empathy is becoming a lost trait. Why care about others? It’s just about me. No, it’s not just about me. I’ll share the virus.

— Joseph Summers, Covington

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