Look what they’re doing to our country

Illegal entry. Wide-open borders. No court dates. No checking. No COVID-19 tests. But many have COVID and other diseases and are released into our society.

President Biden and the Democrats invited them, period. They want amnesty for 3 million illegals here. The cost to taxpayers is $116 billion annually. For those at the border, it’s $100 million. Housing them, $86 million. And don’t they also get a stimulus check?

Estimated to cross this year are 2 million or more. But the drug cartels are making millions. It will cost us billions.

They also want to change our election laws, Constitution and plan on ramming through massive spending. And they want to take money from you for their reelections. They killed the Keystone pipeline which will raise gas prices locally.

In the COVID stimulus bill, only 10% went for COVID. The rest was pork barrel spending for special interests. Coming soon is an infrastructure bill in name only. This will have more pork and special interest money, which is the norm for Democrats.

President Biden and the Democratic Party are breaking our laws playing power politics. In the end, we will get stuck paying for this massive spending insanity. High crimes, misdemeanors, treason, pick one. Shouldn’t this apply to what they are doing to our country. It should.

Charles J. Matul, Covington

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