In condemnation of racism, violence

The Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, stand with countless others in condemning the rampant racism, white supremacy, and misogyny that are fueling the increasing violence in our country.

The recent mass shootings as well as the daily acts of bullying and intimidation experienced by our Asian sisters and brothers are but one example of how we as a people are not living up to the Gospel call to love all generously and without exception.

We grieve with the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities and with the citizens of Atlanta as we offer our prayerful support for all who have lost loved ones to hateful acts of violence. We pray as well for all our Asian sisters and brothers who live in fear of harm for themselves or others and/or who are mentally and emotionally re-living prior experiences of degradation or harm.

We are particularly heartsick over the events in Atlanta because of their impact on our Asian members and because of the relationships we have formed during 100 years of ministry in Taiwan and China. We continue to pray for healing — both for the aggressors and for those subjected to their aggression.

As Sisters of Providence committed to living in right relationship, we acknowledge our own complicity in structural and institutional racism. We commit to ridding ourselves and our country of this terrible evil and pledge to do our part in creating “the beloved community,” a world based on equality of persons and love for all.

The General Council of the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, includes:

Sister Dawn Tomaszewski, General Superior

Sister Lisa Stallings, Vicar and General Councilo

and Sisters Mary Beth Klingel

Jeanne Hagelskamp

and Jenny Howard, General Councilors

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