Hats off to Jason Rome and his staff at the Fischer Theater for hosting two weekends of shows put on by the DLO. The Fischer has never looked better, and under Jason's leadership, the best is yet to come.

More importantly, thank you to the DLO for creating and putting on these fantastic shows. We hear so much negativity in Danville from crime to drugs to dying businesses. For two all-too-brief weekends, your organization highlighted the amazing and talented children in our community. Our future has never seemed so bright than when those children gathered for their pictures under the shining lights of the Fischer Theater. Their smiles, their radiance, the accomplishment of putting on such complicated shows at their ages, what commitment they displayed ... I can only say that we have a lot of problems to solve in our country but this generation that's coming up, they have the creativity, the mindset, the intelligence and the ability to love and to accept all that is around them.

As adults who continually screw things up, we should prepare to step aside and allow this upcoming generation of leaders to show us how great we as a nation can truly be.

Harsha Gurujal, Danville

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