Danville is taking the pride out of itself. They don’t want hard-working individuals that take pride in their accomplishments. They take the American dream away from individuals who want to make a better life for their kids. They tell people you “are not allowed to provide for your family.”

But, if you are a drug dealer, prostitute or a thug that comes to Danville, they’ll take you in. But, if you want to be a sole proprietor and have a truck with your company name on it you can’t park it in front of your house where it is registered. Or if you want to provide the community with a service it actually needs, that’s not allowed. Or if you want to take up a hobby to occupy your time constructively, you can’t because they won’t allow you to put up an accessory building on your property even though you have plenty of room to do so.

Danville, can’t you see that you are the ones that are running this town in the ground by blackballing hard-working sole proprietors that would rather work for a living. Or by complaining about a small business that is growing and gaining equipment but not allowing them to build a place to store it. Instead, you tell them to go take it and put it in a field somewhere away from where you can protect it.

Danville, stop hurting the small businesses that are actually providing services the community actually needs.

Michael Gay, Danville

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