I've been quite vocal about our Danville 118 school district board and our superintendent. I have not minced any words when it comes to how our school district is currently rated nor have I misspoken about how the school system has been demoted under the leadership of our current superintendent.

I have been honest about how it is expected that at least 65% of our students will fail the state assessment at the end of the year and that information comes from one of the current assistant superintendents. We currently have two assistant superintendents, which we've never had before.

We are now dealing with a settlement of unsubstantiated claims from 2018 in which we have extended the superintendent's contract plus added unprecedented provisions for the financial security beyond the limits of the contract. I am confused as to how two duly elected officials could resign and two people could be appointed to the board without the citizens approval but I know that it has happened now twice under the current administration.

This is just me speaking, but my tax dollars are paying for this lawsuit settlement and my tax dollars are paying for the raise and the extended contract of a person who I feel should not be employed by us. I feel each school board individual should be recalled as they have not put our children or the best interests of our community at the forefront. This is about facts and nothing else.

Harsha Gurujal, Danville

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