Cunningham for 104th House district

The country is currently experiencing a health care crisis in proportions that it has not felt since the 1918 flu. The crisis is especially dangerous for elderly people living in group care.

Vermillion County and other eastern border counties in Illinois contain a high percentage of older citizens, so health care is vital to them. The national (ACA) health care plan includes directives for care of the elderly in their homes but the current Republican administration wants to dismantle the ACA (rather than improve it), without a national health policy for its replacement. This is regressive.

The current representative for the 104th State House District wants to block the benefits of the ACA and he has resisted the State’s public health policies on combatting the COVID pandemic. Nothing in his campaign literature, his legislative agenda, his public speaking provides relevant information of state and national services for health care during the pandemic.

In contrast, Cynthia Cunningham is a more resourceful candidate for the citizens of the 104 District. She is a self-employed, statewide consultant to eldercare providers that specialize in home and day care services. Her expertise is recognized in Illinois state government as an appointed member on the Committee on Illinois Adult Services.

Cindy is a graduate from the U. of Illinois College of Applied Health Sciences and a co-author of a study on recreation therapy for Alzheimer’s patients. We need Cynthia Cunningham’s knowledge of public health care in state government. Vote for her.

— Gregory Stanton, Urbana

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