Community needs stronger, more aggressive animal control

We need stronger and higher penalties for loose dogs around our city and county. Vermilion County and Danville city animal control regulation laws are not serving our communities as they should, mainly due to being outdated and an unmanageable workload. In addition, these loose and outdated regulations lack accountability. Numerous reoffending, irresponsible owners do not need to worry about lack of care or duty to abide by animal control regulations being enforced.

Currently, Vermilion County only has three full-time animal control officers to enforce and monitor their vast geographical area. This also needs addressing — we need at least one more animal control officer.

Danville is a beautiful city in so many way. Residents deserve to live without fear of loose dogs and often loose aggressive dogs on a daily basis due to irresponsible owners and lack of secure enclosures. Fines need to be increased for these reoffenders which display utter contempt for their and others animals’ welfare and safety, neighborhoods, communities and laws taking valuable much needed resources of the police department away from other calls just to yet again respond to irresponsible neglectful and often just openly blatant disregard for our laws, regulations and community as a whole.

Karen Smith, Danville

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