The pandemic has affected all areas of our lives. The Postal Service has attempted to curtail some office hours for the public to access their inside postal mail boxes and stamp windows. Attention post office! Please post your new hours. No longer are they open the same times or as many hours. Help us use your service. You are a trusted institution since Ben Franklin was the new Postmaster.

Danville Post Office has obvious staffing problems. Several carriers have work restrictions that do not let them work more than eight hours daily. Even clerks are put out on the streets to deliver up to 10 hours daily. Some routes are easily four miles of walking to homes. Very few routes in Danville have delivery to mail boxes on a post along the streets.

I have contacted Sen. Durbin's office and Sen. Duckworth's. Sen. Durbin's Washington, D.C., number is 202-224-2152. Sen. Durbin's Springfield number is 217- 492-4062. Their office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. His address is 525 S. 8th St., Springfield, IL, 62703.

The over 600,000 mail sorting machines were intentionally destroyed prior to elections in November 2020. I believe the capacity of the machines was at least 30,000 pieces of letter mail sorted per hour.

If new substitute training carriers can earn almost $15 per hour at another job, why would they want to deliver mail knowing each workday requirement might be 10-13 hours daily, six days a week?

CeCe Johnson, Danville

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