A possible use for coal ash

Here is a response to the coal ash letter from several days ago.

When I heard of this, I’ve known some of the folks who wrote to C-N over the years speaking against coal ash. I thought of something new (to me).

Roman concrete was used to build un-reinforced concrete structures that are still standing after 2000 or so years. That’s longer than modern steel-rebar reinforced concrete would last. Part of their “secret” was the use of volcanic ash.

Coal ash has some common chemical constituents as volcanic ash.

A few quick Internet searches showed that the ACI (American Concrete Institute) is looking into use of “Bottom Ash” (larger particles of coal ash) as a concrete reinforcing material. They have seminar scheduled to discuss that very subject in April, 2022.

So … what may now be trash and a waste, might be useful material to some other process. And maybe it doesn’t solve the problem of what’s current waste, but could lead to different practices of how this material is collected and used now and in the future at still-running coal-fired power plants. And maybe longer lasting concrete.

Michael W. Muczynski, Tilton

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