I am very pleased to see the casino back on the city council agenda, and things look very promising. A casino will provide hundreds of job opportunities.

However, I am concerned about considering the casino in downtown Danville.

The casino will be a very large building designed to handle large numbers of people. It will require many acres of property to handle vehicle parking. A minimum estimate would be 100 to 200 cars daily.

There will be separate parking required for commercial buses that will bring in people from other cities. A conservative estimate would be 10-20 buses daily, on average.

Where is that kind of area in downtown Danville?

Are Danville businesses and motorists ready to deal with extra cars and buses coming into town?

Why not do it right?

Place the casino out in the Lynch Road area where there is plenty of room to build and outstanding and landmark building with ample parking for all vehicles. Lynch Road and I-74 is ideal to handle the traffic.

Mark L. Meyer


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