In dining rooms across the nation, families sit down and enjoy the fruits of farmers’ labors but few probably think about the process involved in getting that food from the farm to the table.

One Vermilion County farmer, Steve Fourez of rural Fairmount, is taking part in a program to help educate the public about the farming community.

Although Vermilion County has plenty of crop and livestock farms, there seems to be a disconnect between people’s images of farms and what farmers actually do on the farm.

Fourez said many people have the image of corporate-run farms. But according to Illinois Farm Families, more than 94 percent of farms in Illinois are family owned and operated.

Illinois Farm Families is working with Farmers Feed US to get the information out about food, farmers and farming between now and September by offering a contest in which Illinois residents can win free groceries for a year. Two additional sweepstakes prizes also are being offered — an Illinois Fall Get-Away package to a bed and breakfast and a Family Harvest Day package at an Illinois Farm. Visit the Farmers Feed US website at to learn fun farm facts, take virtual tours of farms, meet farm families and learn more about the farming process.

Farmers play an important role in our economy and help feed the nation. Take some time to learn all they do for American families.

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