Danville's fire station, ambulance crews and neighborhood associations hope to see you soon — but not in an emergency situation. The groups joined forces to promote and support National Night Out on Tuesday.

Special activities are planned at the city's three fire stations, and neighborhood groups will organize their own get-togethers or join the fun at the stations.

The event is designed to help residents get to know one another better. The days of spending summer evenings on the front porch chatting with neighbors ended with the widespread use of air conditioning. Add to that the high mobility of today's society — not many people live for decades in the same house a they once did — and it's easy to see how people who live near one another can actually know little about their neighbors.

Tuesday's local efforts will include activities, vendors and the opportunity to meet firefighters and emergency medical technicians at Station No. 1, 301 W. Seminary St.; Station No. 2, 2129 N. Vermilion St.; and Station No. 3, 1111 N. Griffin St. Residents will be able to meet those who serve the community in situations with much less stress than usual.

And they will be able to meet their neighbors, learn more about them and establish a bit of a bond, even if it's only because they live on the same street. People who know one another help look out for one another, and that makes every neighborhood a bit safer for everyone.

So come out Tuesday to have a good time and help fight crime.