Voters around Vermilion County have another opportunity to have an impact on their communities today as polls open for Election 2021.

A wide array of elections to governmental posts are on the ballot, and the results in each race will make a significant statement in how residents of cities, towns, townships and school districts would like for their elected leaders to take care of business in the future.

It is said that government closest to the people has the greatest effect of people’s everyday lives. There is profound truth in the statement.

Unfortunately, local elections such as these don’t always bring out a large number of people to the polls. We hope today is different.

It’s not that there aren’t compelling races on ballots. There are.

In Tilton and Hoopeston, there are competitive races for mayor. There are no elective positions in any community more important than the mayor’s office.

There are also contested races for seats on village boards and city councils, including several in Danville, that merit close attention.

And one of the most intriguing ballot items this year is in Bismarck, where voters are being asked if alcohol sales should be permitted in the village. It will be interesting to see what kind of turnout the village gets for that referendum question. We hope there’s a steady line of folks ready to belly up to the ballot box to cast their votes.

Early voting has been light, officials say, and that’s no surprise. But with weather looking good, things may get better today.

Polls open today at 6 a.m. and will close at 7 p.m.

As always, we urge voters to exercise their right to participate in the democratic process. No opportunity to do that should ever be shrugged off.

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