Many years ago a Mr. Knyper lived on a farm near Marshfield. While working one day, he was approached by a stranger who solicited his subscription to a medical book entitled “ The Family Physician or Every Man His Own Doctor.” The book agent explained that the book might save a family member’s life some day as they lived quite a distance from town. If a family member became ill, the book would tell them exactly what to do while waiting for a doctor. In many cases one could save on doctor bills by treating themselves with the aid of the book. Mr. Knyper decided to subscribe and the agent went on his way.

A few weeks later, the agent returned to deliver his books and collect subscriptions. He called on Mr. Knyper’s home. His wife, who was at home, took the book and paid $3.00. The agent proceeded to the field where Mr. Knyper was working and proceeded to deliver the second book for $3.00 without telling Mr. Knyper he had already delivered a book to his wife. On his return he met one of the Knyper’s sons and told him he had a book for his father but could not find him and requested the young man pay him for the book which he gave to the young man. On his way to Marshfield he saw a second son of Knyper’s at work on another field and unloaded another book. When the agent arrived at Marshfield he saw a third Knyper son at the blacksmith, fed the same line and sold the book to him.

When the Knyper family met at dinner, they discovered they had five medical books. The father who was extremely upset, saddled a horse and rode to Marshfield as fast as he could. The passenger train was at the depot as Mr. Knyper approached and the book agent was boarding the train. Mr. Knyper yelled at the agent and waved his hand frantically to get his attention. A neighbor halted the agent telling him Knyper was calling for him.

“Yes,“ said the agent, “ I promised to sell him one of my medical books and I haven’t the time to call on him and that is what he wants. Fortunately, I have a spare copy; just give me $3.00 for it and he will pay you. That will save him from having his ride for nothing and greatly oblige us both.” The neighbor did so and the train pulled out for Danville with the agent aboard.

The neighbor approached Knyper who was rushing along the platform at a break-neck pace and remarked with a smile. “It’s alright, the man couldn’t wait but here is your book just the same. I paid for it and you can give me the $3.00 instead of to him.

Mr. Knyper paid the neighbor and explained what had happened and got on the next train to Williamsport. He told his attorney what had occurred. The attorney telegraphed Danville where the agent was apprehended and placed in jail. He was charged with obtaining money by false pretenses. Mr. Knyper ended up getting reimbursed with an added good sum of money for his time and trouble in the way of damages. He also got to keep the books.

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