State Line City

“We spent a half day last week at the Line; we found it all ‘hunk.’ To speak plain, the place looked much better than we expected to see, it is improving steadily and bids fair to become a first class business place. The mud was very deep when we were there, so that we did not get about as much as we would if it had been otherwise. They have a fine Seminary, well situated in a healthy place, and has the prospect of ultimate success. The new Church, erected the past winter, is a good building, has a fine view from the railroad. It is such a structure as speaks well for the enterprise of the citizens. All in all, it is a good place for business, having as fine a farming country around it as there is anywhere in the Wabash Valley. We noticed there was a good deal of whisky drank in the place, no more, however, than in other places of the same size. We were sorry to see this. Some men think such a trade helps a place. We think different. We had some subscribers for the Republican and hope to get more. Try, friends, to get us up a good list, we will be thankful.”

The Dance“The Veteran Ball, on last Monday evening, was a very pleasant affair. In fact, it was the most civil and best conducted Cotillion Party that has come off in this place, for some time. Why was it so? Because there was no whisky sold that day or evening, hence the great power, which gets up all the fights, broils and disturbances, was not in command. We hope to see all dances in future, carried on as this was. The music furnished by Bishop’s String band was excellent, better than we have heard in this place for many a day.”

The Williamsport Stone Quarry“The work going on at the falls in opening up the stone Quarry, we consider a work of importance. That there are first class building stone enough about the Falls to supply two or three such cities as Lafayette is a question about which there can be no dispute. In face, they are there in almost endless quantities.”

“The effort is now being made to open up the Quarry, and make the business of getting out stone at this place a permanent thing. A business which we have not the least doubt can be made profitable to the parties engaged. The work to which we refer at this time particularly, is the road that is being made from the top of the hill down to Fall Branch, below the Falls, for the purpose of bringing the stone to the Railroad, a shorter route by a mile and a half than the one heretofore used. Wm. Fox is the contractor to get out the stone, a task he is well qualified to perform. Our old friend John Tyler is “boss,” and he knows just how to do the work. He is a capital foreman. The financial department is in the hands of H.D. Thomas, a man whose qualifications as financier is as good as can be found on the Wabash. Success to the enterprise.”

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