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WASHINGTON — Donald Trump, an ongoing eruption of self-refuting statements ("I'm a very stable genius" with "a very good brain"), is adding self-impeachment to his repertoire. Spiraling downward in a tightening gyre, his increasingly unhinged public performances (Google the one with Finland'…

October marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a time when the whole community can offer a bit of help to those who find their lives disrupted by violence from those closest to them.

Illinois higher education is in disarray as a result of an exodus of students from our state, uncertain state funding, declining high school graduation numbers, excess capacity, and the seeming implosion of several state universities.

The past 16 years have been nothing short of tumultuous across Iraq and Syria. The United States found that, in its hour of need, it could not rely on NATO ally Turkey to provide military support. Other allies recoiled. But on the ground, the Kurdish fighters of northern Syria and Iraq stood…

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The American Cancer Society estimates 268,600 American women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer this year. It also estimates 41,760 women will die from the disease in 2019.

President Trump's path to reelection goes through the Democratic Party. Goal No. 1 is to get Democrats to eliminate his greatest threat: Joe Biden.

WASHINGTON — It's fair to say at this juncture that America's Quid and Ukraine's Quo have been caught in bed together.

"Who Lost China?" With the fall of the Nationalist government of Chiang Kai-shek, the defeat of his armies and the flight to Formosa, that was the question of the hour in 1949. And no one demanded to know more insistently than the anti-Communist Congressman John F. Kennedy:

WASHINGTON — The beginning of the Supreme Court's term this week includes momentous oral arguments on Tuesday in two cases that illustrate clashing theories about how statutes should be construed. If properly decided, the cases will nudge Congress to act like a legislative body.

Today marks the beginning of the 79th National Newspaper Week, a time to appreciate the contributions newspaper make in their communities and to think about the consequences should newspapers disappear.

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DANVILLE — Though renovations are well under way at Fair Hope's new building, there is still much to do and much to pay for.

DANVILLE — Kenneth D. Bailey Academy plans to honor at least one or possibly more Vermilion County veterans in November who have a decorated military career and a record of solid community service.

Here are some of the good things readers noticed around the area recently:


Mary Reik, Paula Meece, Richard Brazda and Larry Meganhardt work at Fair Hope Children's Ministry. A Sunday concert with Doc Ashton and The Root Canals will help raise money for the ministry's new building.

CHICAGO — A jury on Friday convicted a man who prosecutors said plotted then tried to cover up the 2015 slaying of a 9-year-old boy who was lured into a Chicago alley with the promise of a juice box.

During a slow week in Washington, it occurs to me that readers might enjoy an update on my unusual cat, Albert, aka "The Orange Dog." Born under a neighbor's front porch in the country, he spent his infancy among dogs and free-range chickens.

Celebrating 70 years of Communist Party rule, Chinese leader Xi Jinping stood in the open sunroof of a Red Flag limousine and shouted, "Greetings, comrades," to the masses below. Xi wore a Mao-style suit to his giant military parade, which featured a missile that could carry 10 nuclear warhe…

SEOUL, South Korea — In 1950, when Han Sung-joo was 10, shrapnel from an artillery shell lodged in his hip. This happened as Gen. Douglas MacArthur's troops, fresh from the bold Incheon landing, were retaking this city — it would be lost and retaken again — after North Korea's June invasion.

WASHINGTON — We long ago established that Donald Trump is a bad guy. We've multiple times said, "This is it. They've got to get rid of him." So what's so new and awful that the president of the United States must now be impeached?

Even before seeing the transcript of the July 25 call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Nancy Pelosi threw the door wide open to the impeachment of Donald Trump by the Democratic House.

WASHINGTON — It began with a whistleblower, who obtained a telephone transcript between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that dealt in part with former Vice President Joe Biden's son.

WASHINGTON — The impeachment of Donald Trump need not be a long, drawn-out affair. Speaker Nancy Pelosi could bring articles of impeachment to the floor of the House within weeks — or she could leave the president twisting slowly in the wind. Her call.

WASHINGTON — If Donald Trump were to tweet that 9 is a prime number, that Minneapolis is in Idaho, and that the sun revolves around the Earth — "Make Earth Great Again!" — would even five Republican senators publicly disagree with even one of the tweets?

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives embarked on a rare mission last week as they began an impeachment investigation regarding the actions of President Donald Trump.

"Nice little country you've got there. It would be a shame if my best friend Vladimir burned it down." That's the essence of the threat that Donald J. Trump, the world's most incompetent gangster, delivered to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky over the phone last July.

The timing could not have been better for Taxpayers United of America to release its 13th annual list of the highest local public pensions last week. Or for Moody’s Investment Service to share the disappointing news that Illinois’ worst-in-the-nation pension debt stills stands at more than a…

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Now only 15 flags in the Foreign Ministry's foyer represent the nations that have not yet succumbed to Beijing's financial blandishments — targeted at governments and individual politicians — and other pressures to sever diplomatic relations with this island nation. There we…

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Leon Snyder, 74, of Hillsboro, passed away October 11, 2019. Funeral 2:00 PM Thursday October 17 2019 at Dickerson Funeral Home in Veedersburg; visitation will begin at 12:00 Noon on Thursday October 17, 2019

James Donald Cappellano, 56, formerly of Danville, passed way October 10, 2019. He was born July 31, 1963. Preceded in death by son, Justin Lee Cappellano, and mother-in-law, Shirley Lemley. Survived by wife of 35 years, Jody Cappellano, Clarence, Ill.; son James Donald Cappellano Jr. (Ashle…