A Vermilion County resident in their 20s was tested in Champaign County and is currently hospitalized there after having tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Vermilion County Health Department on Tuesday.

Vermilion County Health Department’s Communicable Disease staff began a surveillance investigation, finding who the person lives with, works with, and spends time with so that determinations can be made about who needs to be fast-tracked for testing, according to the health department.

“We are asking residents to continue to be vigilant: practice social distancing, stay home unless necessary to leave, and wash hands frequently. We have been preparing for this, and have been taking actions to try to minimize COVID-19’s impact on the community,” stated Doug Toole, public health administrator with the health department.

Toole said they couldn’t disclose the person’s gender, address or employer at this time.

“We have contacted the employer and will contact those who were in close proximity (within six feet for more than 10 minutes),” according to the health department.

Toole said their message is still the same about taking the previously mentioned precautions, which also should include cleaning and sanitizing commonly-touched surfaces.

After the announcement, Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. posted on social media “Vermilion County, I’m saddened to report that we have our first case of coronavirus. It is critical now more than ever that you stay home unless you are an essential worker or must get supplies to sustain your life (food and medicine). This means no house parties, visiting relatives, or anything unnecessary. Non-essential businesses caught open will face penalties. It’s imperative that we be more vigilant than ever because lives literally depend on it. Let us pray and ask God’s mercy and grace over the individual diagnosed, those who had been in contact with him, and over our city, county, region, state, country and world.”

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