Nicole Van Hyfte

Nicole Van Hyfte

DANVILLE — “All Aboard” the Community Impact Engine, the 2021-2022 United Way of Danville Area, Inc. campaign is ready to leave the station and impact our community and it wants you to be part of it.

“Unfortunately, it does not look like this worldwide pandemic is letting up anytime soon, but we can guarantee that United Way of Danville Area, Inc. will continue striving to understand our community’s most critical needs and stewarding dollars to programs that positively impact those needs,” stated Mary Surprenant, president and CEO, in a press release.

Surprenant continued, “By bringing programs together for a common mission, we can help drive the changes we need to see in our community.”

Over the past year and half, the COVID-19 relief fund has directly impacted hundreds of families and individuals in Vermilion County, Ill., Fountain County, Ind., and Warren County, Ind.

In the spring of 2021, a new strategic plan was put in motion and United Way of Danville Area, Inc. opened agency applications for the first time in many years.

“It has been a challenging year for everyone. There is no better time than now than to talk about behavioral and mental health,” stated Surprenant.

The United Way of Danville Area, Inc. strategic plan champions around impacting our community’s behavioral health, safety and prosperity, and essential services.

On Sept. 17, United Way of Danville Area, Inc. is partnering with Neuhoff Media for the second annual Radio-A-Thon Campaign Kick Off. Listeners can tune into D102 or KROCK from 7 6 p.m. that day to hear from community leaders and how United Way’s new strategic plan is rallying around the current needs in the community.

This will be an all-day event at Temple Plaza in Downtown Danville.

To continue the excitement, there is a new face this year leading the campaign. United Way of Danville Area, Inc. welcomes Nicole Van Hyfte as the 2021-2022 campaign chair. Van Hyfte is a lifetime Vermilion County resident from Catlin. She currently lives in Hoopeston with her husband, Andy, and their combined four daughters. She is the community development coordinator for Vermilion Advantage. Some of her past jobs include teaching music at Bismarck Grade School, hosting a radio show as well as working in the newsroom at Neuhoff Media and running a popular blog from 2015-2017 about the positive things happening in Vermilion County (Peace of my City). Prior to that, Nicole worked at WorkSource Enterprises for 10 years in human resources and finances.

Nicole has been involved in many community organizations including DLO Musical Theatre, First Gig Rock and Roll Camp, Downtown Danville, Inc., Arts in the Park and Danville Noon Kiwanis. You may have seen her perform the National Anthem at local events such as the NJCAA tournament, Danville Dans games, Vermilion County racetrack and Danville Palmer Arena (hockey games), to name a few. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, porch time with her husband, local music, golf, theater and whatever her children are into at the moment.

“We are so excited and grateful to have Nicole on board. Her genuine concern for the well-being of everyone is shown through her dedication to our community,” Surprenant said.

If you are ready to make your pledge for the 2021-2022 Campaign year, head to, mail donations to 425 N. Gilbert St., Suite #3 in Danville, or find United Way of Danville Area, Inc. on Facebook.

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