Casting an early vote

An early voter can be seen in the voting booth recently in Danville. Residents of Danville cast their ballots downstairs at the city of Danville Election Commission located at the south side of the Vermilion County Administration Building. Election Day for the Vermilion County consolidated election is Tuesday. Early voting is occurring today and Monday.

Local election officials are hoping a nice sunny April day today for Election Day brings out voters.

There are local school board, community college board, city council, village board, township and other races throughout Vermilion County, and also a liquor referendum in Bismarck, to vote on today.

Early voting has been slow going.

According to Lindsay Light, chief deputy county clerk/supervisor of elections with the Vermilion County Clerk’s office, “so far we’ve had 184 early voters, have mailed 222 ballots and have received 162 of those back.”

“We are right in line with the numbers from 2019, but we are low when I compare it with 2017’s numbers (which are the last time the townships were on the ballot). I’m hoping since maybe it’ll be nice outside (today) and numbers are a little lower that people are just waiting until Election Day to vote at their polling place. There are a lot of good things to vote on..., so I’m hoping people take interest,” according to Light.

In 2019, the county had a 12 percent voter turnout and in 2017 it was 20 percent.

Light reported they had people out in the county on Monday setting up polling places to be ready for today.

“For the most part, we expect a slow day. I hope I’m pleasantly surprised,” Light added.

Danville Election Commission Executive Director Sandy Delhaye also reported Monday they were installing laptops and setting up for today at voting locations in Danville.

Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. today.

Election results will be on the websites: and

Officials will be updating results as often as they can as precincts come in.

Contested Races Candidates

Mayor – City of Hoopeston, Mike Bane, incumbent Bill Crusinberry (vote for one)

Ward One – City of Hoopeston, Kyle Richards, incumbent Bill McElhaney (vote for one)

Ward Two – City of Hoopeston, Kellie Ferrell, incumbent Carl Ankenbrand (vote for one)

Ward Three (unexpired) – City of Hoopeston, Jeffery Keith, incumbent Joseph Garrett (vote for one)

Ward Four – City of Hoopeston, Robert Porth, Christopher Scott Small (vote for one)

Mayor – Village of Belgium, incumbent David Crowl, Deborah Martin (vote for one)

Trustee – Village of Bismarck, incumbent Mary Potter, incumbent Terry Light, Alicia Gonzalez, Jeff Beukelman

Bismarck Referenda, “Shall the sale at retail of alcoholic liquor be prohibited in this village?

Trustee – Village of Oakwood, Terry Hume, David Lewis, Richard Boggess, Jason Elliot, Robert E. Wright, incumbent Bob Parr, incumbent Mitch Leverenz, Douglas W. Hanner, Cathi Cannon Fritz (vote for three)

Trustee – Village of Sidell, Hanna Prunkard-Merritt, Greg Filicsky, Corey Bright, incumbent Jerry Brown, Taylor Brown (vote for three)

Mayor – Village of Tilton, incumbent David Phillips, David Cornett (vote for one)

Trustee – Village of Westville, Chris Gallion, incumbent Donald Hall, Nathan Bennett, Vic McFadden, Jeff Ellis, incumbent Mark Dunham, John Razmus II (vote for three)

Carroll Township Highway Commissioner, incumbent Richard Haga, Cory White (vote for one)

Danville Township Trustee, incumbent Gerald Block, incumbent Donna Mascari, incumbent Mike Smiley, incumbent Logan Vance, Chuck Walls (vote for four)

Georgetown Township Highway Commissioner, incumbent Adam Hart, Darrin Holycross (vote for one)

Georgetown Township Trustee, Carl Lee Johnson, Donna J. Haluska, incumbent Matthew Waclaw, incumbent Kay Readnour, incumbent Rick Jones Jr. (vote for four)

McKendree Township Highway Commissioner, incumbent Steven Davis, Kurtis High (vote for one)

Middlefork Township Highway Commissioner, incumbent Donald E. Morgan, Scott Sieberns, Lyndon Hambleton (vote for one)

Sidell Township Highway Commissioner, Riley Pierce, incumbent Joe Eakle and Randy McComas (vote for one)

South Ross Township Highway Commissioner, incumbent Joshua Potter, Branden Klein (vote for one)

Danville District 118 – School Board, incumbent Darlene Halloran, Harsha Gurujal, Tyson J. Parks, incumbent Lon Henderson, incumbent Randal Ashton, incubment Shannon Bireline Schroeder (vote for four)

Georgetown/Ridge Farm School Board, Cassidy Spesard, incumbent Greg Emmert, Hilah O’Neal, Karlee Thomen, Sam Fourez, Connie Cannon, Angela Carlton (vote for three)

  • Hoopeston School Board, Sharon Zorns, incumbent Deborah Klaber, Elizabeth Silver, Cheryl Steiner, Travis Field (– elected by twp & range – vote for 2)

Potomac School Board, Lucas R. Esteppe, incumbent Kristi Hawker, Jackie Crull, incumbent Jeb Kennel, Jenny Tholl (vote for four)

Westville School Board, incumbent Michael Acord, Darren White, incumbent LeAnn Gallion, Shawn Bennett (vote for three)

Danville Area Community College Board, Sandra Finch, Maruti Seth, Dylan Haun (vote for two)

Danville City Council, Ward 2, write-in candidates Ronnie D. Harrier, Carolyn J. Wands, Jerry R. Lindquist, David E. Connolly Jr.

Danville City Council, Ward 3, Damara Joyner, Heidi Pertell

Danville City Council Ward 4, Alderwoman Sharon McMahon, Tricia Teague

Danville City Council Ward 6, Alderman James Poshard, Allan Shepherd

Danville City Council Ward 7, Alderman Darren York, Kaylan Huber

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