DANVILLE — There was no vote change in the Danville City Council Ward 7 alderman election after the Danville Board of Election Commissioners’ Tuesday morning meeting.

The board opened a couple provisional and vote-by-mail ballots that could legally be counted up to two weeks after the April 6 general consolidated election, but they weren’t for precincts in Ward 7.

In Ward 7, Darren York, who was appointed by Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. in January to replace longtime alderman Steve Foster, received 281 votes over Kaylan Huber’s 280 votes.

Huber, a local attorney, now has five days to file a petition for a recount. A discovery recount of one precinct to see if there are any vote total changes could determine if a full recount would be requested.

Huber says she’ll be looking more into the costs that would be involved, and decide whether to request a recount.

Huber would be charged $10 per precinct for a recount, in addition to any applicable attorney/court costs, according to Barb Bailey, board of election commissioners chairwoman.

Huber would select one of the six Ward 7 precincts to be recounted for the discovery recount to see if there was a difference to recount all precincts. If the discovery recount finds a difference, a court order could be filed for a full recount.

In 2019, a discovery recount resulted in no change to the vote total in Ward 6 when Ward 6 Alderman Aaron Troglia defeated then Alderman Jon Cooper by 416 votes to 409 votes, a seven-vote difference.

Close votes in other Vermilion County races in the past also have resulted in recounts.

Also on Tuesday, the Danville Election Commission conducted a public re-test of the election equipment that was used for the April 6 election.

It also conducted a re-tabulation of two precincts selected randomly by the state — precincts 26 and 32. Both of those precincts aren’t in Ward 7.

Final election results include write-ins, late-arriving vote-by-mail ballots (postmarked April 6) and provisional ballots. Certified election results were to be available after April 20, 2021.

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