Vermilion County State’s Attorney Jacqueline Lacy announced Friday no charges will be filed in the August incident where a sheriff’s deputy shot and killed an inmate in the Vermilion County Courthouse.

In a letter to Illinois State Police, Lacy said she had reviewed the files forwarded to her Oct. 1 of the state police investigation and had watched video of the incident.

Daryl Perkins was in the courthouse for a hearing regarding a felony case in which he was charged, according to Lacy’s release. While being kept in a holding cell, Perkins asked to use the restroom. Deputy Kyle Janesky was alone in the security office just across the hall from the holding cells while other deputies were at the front door and escorting other defendants to their court appearances. Janesky granted Perkins' request to use the bathroom, according to Lacy, and escorted Perkins from the holding cell to the bathroom cell and locked the door.

After Perkins finishes, Janesky opens the cell door and Perkins immediately begins stabbing Janesky with several Bic pens. Janesky and Perkins continue to fight as Perkins tries to reach Janesky’s firearm and/or taser.

During the struggle, Janesky's jail key and other items fall to the floor. Perkins continues to fight Janesky reaching for his firearm, while he has his full body weight on Janesky and has his left knee holding Janesky down by his neck.

Janesky continues to protect his firearm and taser while also fighting off Perkins. Perkins grabs Janesky's letterman multi-tool and begins to stab Janesky in the face and neck area. Janesky continues to defend himself using his hands to avoid being stabbed and fighting for control of the multi-tool.

Both Perkins and Janesky are now in a semi-standing position with Perkins having his arms wrapped around Janesky and they continue to wrestle. Perkins again reaches for Janesky's firearm and is able to remove Janesky's taser, according to Lacy. Perkins aims the taser at Janesky while facing Janesky and attempts to pull the trigger. Janeksy then un­holsters and fires his service weapon at Perkins.

The entire physical struggle lasted more than 70 seconds.

Other deputies, members of courthouse security and Danville Police officers arrive on scene. Officers begin chest compressions on Perkins until OSF Healthcare ambulance personal and the Danville Fire Department arrive. Perkins was transported by ambulance to OSF Healthcare emergency room and was pronounced dead at 10:34 a.m.

Janesky was transported to OSF Heath Care to treat his injuries. Janesky suffered stab wounds to the eye, face and neck. Janesky also suffered defensive wounds to his hands.

It was determined that Perkins was shot four times by Janesky. Perkins suffered multiple gunshot wounds of the right and left chest, mid abdomen, and right hand. All gunshot wound trajectories were front to back.

Based on the totality of the circumstances, deadly force was justified, according to Lacy.

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