DANVILLE – All Danville District 118 fifth- and sixth-grade students will have an opportunity this week to learn how to be safe online during two assemblies at South View Upper Elementary School.

The Danville Public School Foundation will sponsor two My Life Online presentations Thursday morning for 730 fifth- and sixth-graders from both South View Upper Elementary and Northeast Magnet schools.

The presentations — one attended by fifth-graders and the other by sixth-graders — will focus on being safe, smart and kind online. The school assemblies are not open to the public.

Bob Richard, executive director of the foundation, said, “One of our focuses is to provide schoolwide assemblies for students, so we look for speakers who present timely topics.”

Online safety is one such topic, he said.

During the assemblies, students will learn the three key questions needed to self-manage their life online and make the most of every post.

Richard said the three questions a student should ask themselves before posting online are: “Is it kind? Is it true? Does it represent who you are?”

“It’s a good message for pre-middle school students because that’s the time when students are really getting online,” he said.

“It’s a learning process when you post online, and there are consequences when you post online,” Richard said.

“Once you put it out online, you can’t get it back,” he added. “What you post online today could affect you years later when you go to get your first job.”

The remainder of the presentations will focus on practicing skills needed to be a critical consumer of online media; making decisions online based on personal and professional goals; integrating a higher degree of empathy into online communication; becoming aware that a digital footprint has short-, medium- and long-term consequences – both positive and negative; discovering how to create positive opportunities and relationships online; and starting to craft their positive digital citizen identity.

The assemblies are being made possible because of the foundation’s donors’ support of providing enhanced educational opportunities for the children attending Danville public schools.

“These assemblies are only possible through the generosity of our donors,” Richard said.

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