The sixth-grade students in Mary Newman's class gave plenty of reasons why they love Terri Brown's visits: She brings treats. She's funny, nice and awesome. And she helps the class with its newspaper.

Newman nominated Brown as her Christmas Angel for the volunteer work she does in Newman's classroom and throughout Judith Giacoma Elementary School in Westville.

"It's all just out of the goodness of her heart," Newman said, adding Brown comes to her classroom every Wednesday.

Brown's son Trevor, 11, is in Newman's class. His classmates think it's cool that his mom comes in.

"They want me for my mom," he said. "They like having her come in and do stuff for us."

One of the best parts of the deal is that Brown brings the class treats each week.

"When they see her coming, they know they're going to eat," Newman said.

Besides her baked goods, Brown brings a lot to the classroom by helping with projects and doing work for Newman.

Newman appreciates that Brown is self-directed.

"There's so many things she does," Newman said, adding she can't say enough about the good work Brown does.

Brown sees the work as a way to spend more time with her three sons and to be able to see who they are spending time with.

She volunteers in three other classrooms, including the rooms her other sons are in.

Tanner, 8, is in second grade, and Treyton, 5, is in kindergarten.

"I enjoy being a second pair of hands for people," Brown said. "It's rewarding for me too."

Brown spends her time doing crafts with the students, grading papers and hanging projects in the hallway.

"It's time well spent I get to have with my kids," she said, adding she gets hugs from kids, too.

"It's always wonderful when your kids' friends know who you are."

Brown went on a recent field trip with the students to Danville Gardens, rings bells for the Salvation Army and sings Christmas carols at Vermilion Manor Nursing Home.

She thinks the students feel comfortable talking to her because she is in the classroom on a regular basis.

"I just think the kids enjoy a person being around and knowing someone cares," she said.

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