DANVILLE – A lot of eager election watchers were left in the dark Tuesday night trying to find out real-time vote totals coming in when the election results link on the Danville Election Commission website was not working.

Danville Election Commission Executive Director Sandra Delhaye said they’re still not sure what happened election night with the website.

Paper copies of the final results were made available to news media a little after 10 p.m. Tuesday.

Delhaye said the vote totals that can now be seen on the election commission’s website are correct and weren’t impacted by the website problem. She said the computer company they work with was very apologetic Wednesday morning.

The voter turnout numbers in the City of Danville also included inactive registered voters.

Active registered voters in the city total about 17,098. There were 8,058 ballots cast. Voter turnout was closer to 50 percent than the 21 percent voter turnout the computer system is reporting.

Delhaye said they also are working to get that fixed.

Overall, Delhaye said about Election Day,” I think it went very well.”

The other most challenging aspect was so many people calling in and asking questions, such as where do I vote, she said.

She said a lot of people also registered to vote at the last minute and some voters had address changes.

“Our phone did not stop all day,” Delhaye said.

There were a few problems at the polling places, such as a voter folding their ballot and a jam occurring in the vote tabulator machine. The issue was immediately taken care of, Delhaye said.

She also had to retrieve a computer card that election judges left at a polling place Tuesday night.

“It’s all normal stuff,” Delhaye said. “Those things pop up.”

Vermilion County Chief Deputy Clerk and Superintendent of Elections Lindsay Light also reported things went pretty smoothly in the county on Election Day.

“Really it did. We have your normal voter questions,” Light too said of voters asking where they vote and other questions.

“We were very happy…,” she said of overall operations and voter turnout.

Voter turnout in Vermilion County, not including Danville, was 52.12 percent. Of the 29,664 active registered voters, there were 15,461 ballots cast.

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