DANVILLE – Members of United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 686 who work at the Viscofan meat casings production facility in Danville are standing together for a fair contract.

The company’s current proposal would limit the ability of workers to keep up with the cost of living and make it harder for them to care for their families, according to a press release from the union.

Phone calls to Viscofan representatives were not returned.

“Our members at Viscofan work incredibly hard every day to create the high-quality products that helped the company generate nearly a billion dollars in revenue. Since the purchase of Teepak, Viscofan has been focused more on the profits of their Spanish shareholders than investing in its hardworking employees here in Danville,” said UFCW Local 686 President Tim Miller. “Our community is strongest when companies invest in their workers and families. We urge Viscofan to do the right thing and work together with us to achieve a contract that honors our hardworking members and ensures that these jobs continue to be the good jobs Danville needs.”

More than 240 members of UFCW Local 686 have been in negotiations since January for a new contract that allows them to support their families and give back to their community.

Viscofan management has proposed no wage increases for the next year for any workers, as well as forcing workers to come in early to do mandatory overtime, according to the union release. Viscofan generated $880 million in 2017 revenue, the union press release also states.

Viscofan, 915 N. Michigan Ave., was formerly Teepak before it was purchased in 2006.