DANVILLE — It was reported at Tuesday night’s Danville City Council meeting that two Danville firefighters are in quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure.

A question again came up at the teleconference meeting from Alderman Dan Duncheon about the increase in fire department overtime.

Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. said the overtime is about 49 percent higher right now than projections for the fiscal year.

Williams said there have been firefighter call backs due to worker’s compensation, injury cases and new hires not part of the manning count due to retirements.

Aldermen also heard a Carle at the Riverfront update.

Williams said there is a “minor delay” due to Carle officials wanting to obtain all final properties at once. Carle is negotiating another property on Logan Avenue and finalizing another house, he said.

They are “only a few months behind schedule,” Williams said, about work still expected to move forward again this year.

In other reports, Williams said the city is seeing some sales tax and other revenue shortfalls due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the city should make up some of the losses with health insurance savings.

The council approved:

• Regulation changes for food trucks. Williams said the city is trying to be as business friendly as possible and have the food truck owners not have to make monthly license fee payments.

“We know it will make it cheaper and make it easier to operate as well,” Williams said.

Changes include: $100 a month fee going to a $600 annual fee; expanding the areas where food trucks are allowed, in which they are now limited to mostly downtown and in a couple other areas and they still can’t operate in a residential area; hours expansion; and fraud prevention, Williams said.

Williams said the city has three food trucks which operate regularly and a handful of others. The city receives sales tax and food and beverage taxes from the food trucks.

• Amending city code pertaining to fireworks display permit applications.

• An intergovernmental agreement with the Township of Catlin for it to participate in the city’s municipal court for addressing city code violations.

• Purchasing 30 iPad Pros and 15 laptops for $52,095 for city officials for teleconference meetings due to COVID-19. Funding comes from the city’s capital equipment line item.

Danville Information Technology Administrator Agnel DSilva on who will receive the computers: aldermen and Mayor Williams — 15 (iPads for city hall and laptops for homes); and department /division heads — 15 (iPads only).

There will be a tutorial and “cheat sheet” for aldermen and city officials to use the equipment, DSilva said, with the city’s IT staff helping with the equipment in aldermen’s homes.

Williams said this will save the city approximately $4,200 a year in printing, copier maintenance and other costs and about 5 percent of city employees’ work time as it now takes about two hours a week to prepare city documents for meetings.

DSilva says aldermen can participate in Zoom teleconferencing with the laptops and look at agenda and other city items while they are in the online meetings. The aldermen would use the iPads while they are physically present during council meetings.

The city could be reimbursed for the cost {/span}through CURE (Coronavirus Urgent Remediation Emergency) support program funding distributed by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity from funds made available by the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act.

If the city does not receive reimbursement, money had been budgeted for the paperless process and equipment in the city budget.

“In a number of years they will pay for themselves,” Williams said, adding again that the computers will allow meetings in emergency situations such as COVID-19, and hopefully allow city officials to communicate more effectively.

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