DANVILLE — For over 600 students in District 118, the time to make a move to get that immunization is now.

In Wednesday’s school board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Alicia Geddis said that the state’s deadline for immunizations for students is Thursday and there are still 600 remote students and 80 in-person that have still not gotten their shots.

“We usually have students turn in their immunizations by the first day of school,” Geddis said. “But the state extended it to Oct. 15 (Thursday) because it was difficult at the time to go to a doctor for a checkup. This is a different look for 118 and we are getting close to the end.”

There are 600 remote students and 80 in-person students that have not gotten an immunization as of yet and there will be consequences if they go past Thursday without a checkup.

“We have been told that we are to take away their hotspots, passwords and even their Chromebook if they do not have proof,” Geddis said. “The state has given us the extra time and we can’t change the deadline.”

Geddis said that D118 have done all they could to bring the word to the people since the start of the school year and have added more opportunities for children to get immunizations.

“We have sent out letters, made calls and even rang doorbells, so everyone knows about the deadline,” Geddis said. “We also like to thank our local pediatricians for extending hours in their offices to help out.”

Another point in Wednesday’s meeting was plans for the second quarter, which Geddis told some details about.

“I can’t say all the details right now, but we want to expand our in-person schooling and we are going to try to bring learning pods back as well,” Geddis said.

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