Snack house ready at lake

Christopher Morrical|Commercial-NewsA boat pulls away from the docks Wednesday at Lake Vermilion. A new concessions building — seen here with the green roof — offers candy, drinks, and gasoline for boaters. The stand is operated by the Vermilion County Conservation District.

DANVILLE — Boaters still will be able to purchase a quick snack or drink, but will have to walk just a bit farther to pay for gas as the Vermilion County Conservation District has built a new concessions building on the shores of Lake Vermilion.

The new site comes via a $20,000 grant from the Julius W. Hegeler II Foundation.

"He donated the money more than a year ago," said conservation district Executive Director Jamie Pasquale, "we just hadn't got to do the project yet."

Hegeler — who died Friday, July 5 — gave money specifically for the new building after conversations with a former district director.

The funds were to include the building as well as concrete and dock work. The dock — which has not been purchased yet — will continue to be the site of the gas pump.

Anyone purchasing fuel needs to go to the new building as the pump is not powered unless someone makes a purchase. While inside, they will be able to look through the selection of chips, candy and drinks available.

The new 16-foot by 12-foot building replaces the former one that sat on the dock as well. It is still there, but someone has started to take it down to be put up elsewhere.

The old building was at least 30-35 years old, and years of weather and rocking with the waves had taken their toll.

The new building — with an all metal interior and exterior — is located on a concrete slab on the shore.

"We're using (the new building)," Pasquale said. "I think there's only like a storm door that we need to put on. Other than that it's pretty much done."

The new building offers air conditioning. The old one did have window units, but didn't have insulation, so it wasn't always cool inside for the worker or the customer.

"It was miserably hot in that building," Pasquale said.

The conservation district does keep someone on site — unless it's raining — seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Memorial Day through Labor Day.

"It's a really nice building," Pasquale said.