DANVILLE — In deciding whether to call off school for yet a third day, Danville School District 118 Superintendent Mark Denman let his winter driving skills take over.

“The road conditions are what determine whether we have school,” he said Wednesday. “Safety is our primary concern.

“The city has taken good care of the streets, but I went out after dinner (Tuesday night) and the roads were slick,” he said. “I drove around town, and as I was approaching stop signs, it was slick.”

Denman added that some District 118 students live outside of Danville’s city limits, where the roads were still snow and ice packed.

“The school buses go out in the country on all sides of town,” he said.

Leaking pipes at Southwest Elementary School also were an issue on Tuesday.

“It was in a localized area of the building,” he said, explaining that a computerized monitoring system at the school on Catlin-Tilton Road alerted district officials to the problem.

“It happened early Tuesday morning,” Denman said. “A part had failed on a blower and heat wasn’t reaching an area, and a few pipes started to leak in a hallway and a classroom.”

“It wasn’t a flood or anything,” he said. “There was water on the carpet and that’s been cleaned up.”



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