DANVILLE – The show will go on for 30 Danville High School seniors who are ending their years of show choir participation with an online concert Friday night.

The senior cabaret concert will be posted as a live feed at 7 p.m. Friday at the DHS show choirs’ website at www.danvillechoirs.org.

“It broke my heart when the seniors couldn’t finish the year,” DHS Choral Director Jeff Thomas said. “We’ve been trying to think of ways to recognize and honor our seniors and give the seniors the opportunity to say goodbye.”

The seniors who will be featured in the online performance have been involved in one or more of DHS’ show choirs – the all-girl Contemporaires, the all-boy Executives and the mixed-group Delegation.

“I have 30 seniors who have been waiting since eighth-grade to give their final performance,” Thomas said. “A lot of seniors are excited we’re doing cabaret this way.”

The concert will include 13 seniors singing, with the remainder of the seniors represented in photos of past performances. Most important, the seniors will read their “will,” which is a DHS show choir tradition.

“Each senior has created their will in which they will something comedic – like their leadership skills or their crazy high notes — to another member of show choir who will be in the program next year and to their friends,” Thomas said.

The online concert, which Thomas compiled from video clips, promises to be at least an hour long. A table of contents will be available in the beginning that tells the minute and second of each student’s appearance so parents and relatives can fast forward the video to that section.

“Each senior will get a five-minute time slot,” he said. “Some of them are singing in their living room, but most of them are singing in their bedroom. Some are wearing an old show choir costume or their favorite costume.”

The seniors who are not performing will be represented by reading their will and telling their future plans while 10 to 15 photos of them from past performances are shown.

“Teachers across the country have been trying to figure out what they can do for the seniors,” Thomas said. “We just wanted to give seniors a way to say goodbye and to bookend their high school career.”

Although DHS has been closed since mid-March due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Thomas said his choir students still have been meeting via Google Classrooms and practicing their singing.

“They take video and audio,” he said. “They can still sing for me.”

The future of the choir program also looks bright.

“I held online auditions for show choir for next year, and I had 120 kids send me online videos,” he said. “I was really surprised.

“We’re still going strong,” Thomas added. “We’re still making music; it just looks a little different.”

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