The Public Safety Building roof replacement started earlier this month for a final PSB bond issue project.

A final capital improvement expenditure from the Public Safety Building bond issue is taking place now with the PSB’s roof replacement.

Advanced Roofing is doing the work. The roofing project contract is $358,800 with another $3,600 for equipment rental, according to Danville Public Building Commission Executive Director Terry Scott.

Scott said this is part of the finalizing of expenditures for the bond issue. The PSB roof replacement “pretty much expends all that money,” he said.

“We knew that was going to be a major project,” he said.

Scott said they didn’t have any leaks, but they knew they just had another year or two left on the roof.

The roof replacement project started May 4 and should be completed by early June.

Scott said they also have been upgrading the radio system. A state grant also will help with additional downstairs communication center improvements.

City and county officials approved the $4.25 million bond issue for PSB capital improvements in 2016.

Scott said a lot of projects have been accomplished with that money.

Other projects under the bond issue included: a new generator, electrical improvements, jail security system, new boilers, mobile data terminals in squad cars, kitchen equipment replacement, cooling tower replacement, storm water issues, Juvenile Detention Facility roof replacement, range target system and water line replacement.

The PSB, 2 E. South St., is owned under the authority of the DPBC. The city and county pay rent for their spaces in the building. The county pays a larger portion because it uses a larger portion of the building.

The PSB houses the Vermilion County Sheriff’s Department, Danville Police Department, the county jail and county’s 911 dispatch center.

In DPBC news, it is seeing the appointment of some new board members, and also is looking for a new executive director to replace Scott who will be moving from Danville.

Interviews are being conducted and a new executive director could be hired within the next 30 days.

Scott said due to COVID-19, staff are wearing masks and practicing social distancing in their maintenance and janitorial work at the PSB. A lot of cleansing also is being done.

In the 911 communications center, four of six stations are normally at most used and operators are spaced out so they are not too close to each other, he added.

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